No More Messy Eyeliner

magine never smudging or applying your eyeliner again? This is the convenience of semi permanent eyeliner. Frame your eyes with our most customizable service. We can make your existing signature eyeliner permanent or design your signature look. With new techniques and technology, we can make your eyeliner thin, smoky or add eye shadow.

Why you need it

Eyebrows frame your face! Your brows tell a lot about you and can make or break your look. Nobody should have to worry about their brow makeup when semi- permanent makeup is available. Here are some other benefits:

  • Save time in the morning
  • Waterproof, sweatproof

  • Perfectly shaped brows 24/7

  • Semi Permanent- Not a tattoo

  • Painless / No Downtime

  • Touch ups yearly

  • Low maintenance brows

  • No embarrassing brow moments!

What to expect

You will be numbed before your brows are designed, measured and calibrated for the most natural, couture results. The process is detailed and painless for you.


We dedicate 4 hours of our private studio to your appointment. Semi permanent makeup is carefully crafted and not intended to be a quick process. 

You will be given an aftercare kit and product. Because of the delicate nature of microblading, you will need a touch up in 6 weeks to perfect your first session. Your color is custom mixed and brows are designed both times for the most precise results. 

Color refreshers are recommended every 1-2 years or when your brows are 70% faded. 

Organic options available