How To get the Perfect Depth for Cosmetic Tattoos!

I seriously love and use all of the products I sell. The EXY permanent makeup device is the best I have tried and its the cheapest! Its so easy to use and deposits pigment into the skin with ease. It allows me to work faster and more accurately and I’m confident in it when I train students.

One of my favorite tips for machine use is testing the skin. This works for powdery shading like ombre brows, shading for dimension, 3d brows and eyeliner techniques where the shading is done with a 1 rl. When you work on your clients, start with a 1 rl on a lower speed setting and powder a small area , wipe away excess pigment and check retention. Is there pigment? blood? swelling? If there is non of the three, turn your device up one speed ( I usually start on 2 and go to 3). If retention is better and there is still no swelling or bleeding, you have found your speed.

If your clients skin swells or bleeds, lower your speed. If retention is not satisfactory at lower speeds, you need to switch to 3rl and begin testing to find the right speed again.

Make this a habit and you’ll have better results and more importantly happier clients!

I teach one on one courses where I show you how to do this and all of my other techniques at a pace that works for you! email me for more information.



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