The ONE thing that will Ruin Your Results

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my writings. It shows me you care as much as I do and that is always appreciated and warms my heart! I want all of my clients to have amazing results and I think the best way to ensure that is through education. I give simple, yet specific directions for aftercare with each service. These care instructions are based on the industry standard as well as what I have observed in the healing process over the last three years that I have been offering my services. Please, pay careful attention ro what you are about to read as I am going to tell you the number one way to ruin your semi permanent makeup, specifically, your beautifully microbladed brows.

Lets start with one of my services, removal. The removal service I offer is very safe and natural which is why I decided to offer this method to my clients. The solution I use is medical grade saline water. There is aloe added to help the texture of the skin as well. Lets revisit saline water. Saline water is a fancy term for salt water. When I remove unwanted brows that a client received elsewhere, I use my device to infuse the saline water into the pigmented skin. then, I let it sit in the skin and the salt absorbs the pigment and draws it to the outer layers of skin. When my client heals, a scab is formed and the excess pigment that was drawn out with the salt flakes away.

I know my clients are beautiful, knowledgeable people that deserve a thorough explanation. I explained so you will fully understand the science behind healing and removal. I instruct my microblading clients not to work out or do any activity that will cause you to sweat, even a little bit. Yes, even a TINY bit. Avoid it for 7 days or until your brows are fully healed and no longer flaking. Working out is the number one killer of micrfoblading. Why? We all know when we work out, we sweat, but, what is sweat? According to health line, sweat is your body way of cooling you down. But what is sweat made of? Its mostly water, but, theres more.

"Eccrine glands produce most of your sweat, especially the watery kind. But eccrine perspiration doesn’t taste like water, because bits of salt, protein, urea, and ammonia gets mixed into it. These glands are mostly concentrated on the palms, soles, forehead, and armpit, but cover your entire body."

When you sweat after getting permanent makeup, you are doing at home removal! The salt in your sweat will draw the pigment out, especially in the first 5 days when it is freshly done. Don't do it. Not only will you ruin your brows, waste your time and money and break my heart, whats left can be very patchy and not cute at all. With that being said, my clients that follow instructions to a T have FABULOUS results. My healed work is beautiful, one of a kind and I make sure you look amazing! Don't let this deter you, but do plan to take 7-11 days off from working out or any strenuous activity. I want you to have great results just as much as you do.



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