Tips for Maintaining your Permanent Makeup ( and your skin!)

If you're reading this, you're already my favorite type of person! I consider my work my art and anyone that is planning on preserving my art (or my type of art) is a friend to me. Once you have put aside a week or so to dedicate to healing, your semi permanent makeup is sealed into your skin! That means waterproof, sweat proof makeup that you never have to reapply throughout the day. No more feeling naked without makeup or settling for brows that don't look like twins or related at all for that matter. You'll love your easy routine, but now you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible

Making your microblading or semi permanent makeup last isn't just about prolonging time between touch ups. When your makeup fades naturally, it will be more even, prettier and easier to touch up. What is "unnatural" fading? Unnatural fading is usually caused by chemicals or the sun although it can also be due to metabolism, skin regeneration rate, medications and other more natural, less preventable causes.

Sun exposure and chemically induced fading is controllable and preventable, so I focus on those. Have you ever left your sweater outside or noticed how weathered patio furniture gets? Our skin is no different! If you do not protect it from the sun, the sun will cause damage. Because the pigment in your skin added through semi permanent makeup treatments is not there naturally, the sun will bleach it, just like dye on cotton. Also just like cotton, natural fading due to wear and tear looks a lot different than a sun bleached shirt. Your brows will be uneven in color and shape if they are "bleached" by the sun rather than fading softly over time I send my clients home with spf 50 to help get them started and remind them to use SPF once their brows are healed. I recommend daily use of SPF 30+ on your whole face and neck. Chemical fading is much easier to avoid. Always avoid putting any chemicals including Retin-A and retinol products on your treated areas. Be careful of areas like your forehead that may run down into your brow.

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