Microblading: Safe or Scarring(Literally)

Hi Guys! Shaena, owner of SkinSpace here. I have been hearing so many whispers and rumors in the permanent makeup industry lately shaming microblading! I personally consider myself a microblading specialist and plan to become a master and expert in the near future. I have been certified in over 25 techniques including both machine and manual techniques. I am a completely obsessed nerd, I ask so many questions when i’m learning or networking with artists. I really can’t get enough. About a year ago, I started hearing people shame microblading because of scarring, saying its a back alley procedure done in China, calling it archaic and i’m going to be honest, it made me a tad insecure about my beloved craft. I had not noticed any scarring on my clients, but surely so many professionals couldn’t be saying the same thing without reason, right?

SO, over the last year, I have been paying special attention to this subject. Heres what I have come up with so far. Lets start with what an actual scar is. “A scar is a mark left on your skin after an injury heals.” - American Academy of Dermatology

The way your skin heals after injury or surgery largely depends on the way the skin was broken, the bodies own ability to produce collagen and the care of the skin post impact. I have not observed any scarring in majority of my clients, but I do have two clients in particular who have experienced light pink scarring after microblading. They are both Fitzpatrick Scale 1. I believe that microblading is only suited for certain skin types. In addition, the tools and skill level of the practitioner play a large part in the success of microblading without scarring. If you are going too deep or using dull or cheaply made blades, you will not create a clean, surgical quality hair stroke in the skin. The last factor, which is equally important, is aftercare. We all know that picking scabs causes scarring, letting the area dry out can also cause scarring.

I have done many, many coverups over eyeliner brows and lips and in all cases the previous work was done by machine. They almost all had scarring which was done by machine impact and a lot of the work was less than 3 years old. Any work that is not done by a highly skilled and experienced practitioner can lead to bad results like poorly shaped brows, incorrect coloring, permanent pigment retention, scarring etc.

I also noticed that the people who bash microblading have not, themselves mastered the skill. I believe that you should not speak out so strongly against something you don’t have a full understanding of. Microblading is like any skill. It takes practice, knowledge and dedication to master; it can be done improperly and there are people in the industry that give it a bad name! If you’d like to start out on the right foot in the microblading world contact me for info on one on one training. - why are scars permanent

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